“Directorate of Agriculture. Assam” and is located at KHRISHI BHAWAN, Khanapara, Guwahati-22. It operates from Guwahati for the entire state of Assam with its officials at village, subdivision and District levels.
The mandate of the Directorate is the development in agriculture sector through transfer of improved technologies, timely supply of agricultural inputs to the farmers, capacity building of the extension personnel and farmers, increasing agricultural production & productivity and over all development of the economic status of the farmers.
Vision: Providing nutrition & financial security to the people
Mission: Increasing crop production and productivity for food security and economic upliftment of the people with an motivational approach for establishing Agriculture as a respectable profession among the new generation
Administrative set up of the Directorate:
The hierarchy of the Directorate is as follows:

State HQ level:

Filed level: